5 Topics You Should Discuss With Your Divorce Lawyer

When you or your partner asks for a divorce, it is reasonable to feel emotionally drained. Separation and divorce are complicated and can be life-changing. They compound financial struggles and legal issues. Even if you hire a divorce lawyer to help you with the negotiations, it is essential that you have an idea of what is involved, such as the matters explained below.

1. Property

Marital property is that which the couple acquires during the marriage. It includes cars, jewelry, household items, furniture, cars, and anything else that falls under this category. In most places, property that’s purchased in a spouse’s name is likely to be retained by the party. However, some laws require that everything is divided equally. Before meeting your family lawyer, make a list of all marital property, when you acquired it and the name that appears on the title deeds. More resources are available at Matrimonial Home if you would like to learn more.

2. Spousal support

In most families, one spouse earns more than the other. Therefore, when they separate, the partner that makes more money should support the other one. Spousal support is necessary for balancing their incomes. It also helps the affected person to maintain the same living standards as they did when they were married. The judge may consider various factors such as how long you have been married, your partner’s career, and their mental and physical health.

3. Child custody

Custody is a common issue that couples face during divorce. Depending on the state, either physical or legal custody can be negotiated based on the partners’ interests and that the child’s wellbeing. Legal custody implies that the parent is authorized to make critical decisions regarding their child’s health, education, and welfare. It can be joint custody, meaning that both parents are involved in decision making. When it’s sole custody, the child stays at one of the parent’s homes, and the parent is the chief custodian. Talk to a divorce lawyer regarding your options and go for the one that suits you best.

4. Child support

A parent should cater to the financial requirements of their little one. Although the money may be directed to the parent who is living with the kid, the benefits are meant for the young one. Child support usually consists of fixed, controlled, and variable costs. A child support attorney will advise you on how to handle the matter amicably while putting the kid’s best interest at heart.

5. Documents

When you and the divorce lawyer meet, make sure you bring all materials that can authenticate your case. Bring pre-nuptial agreements, titles, wills, powers of attorneys, bank statements, mortgage repayments, loans, separation agreements, and any other documentation.

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