4 Reasons to Arrange for a Roofing Inspection Following a Storm

Roof repairs and maintenance costs can become very expensive, especially for homeowners who fail to identify and address roof damage early on. Arranging for a professional roofer to perform an inspection following a storm is often a smart move. Dealing with any damage the roof may have suffered quickly can go a long way towards ensuring repair costs do not get out of hand.

1. Identifying the Damage

Damage done to support structures, materials and even shingles and other surfaces is not always easy to detect. Even leaves, branches and other debris have the potential to cause damage to a roofing installation. The high winds, hailstones and substantial rain associated with a strong storm may result in extensive damages that only a professional inspection may be able to detect. If you are seeking more information, you will be able to appreciate the resources at the Cherry and Clark Roofing website.

2. Minimizing Repair Costs

Failing to repair roof damage promptly could be a very costly oversight. Strain placed on load-bearing supports could result in increased stress being placed on other materials. Having a roofer replace damaged shingles and other materials that might have otherwise allowed moisture to intrude into the home is something that should be done without delay. Dealing with the problem aggressively reduces the likelihood that an issue will grow larger in scope or severity.

3. Routine Maintenance and Upkeep

Routine inspection of a roof is essential for ensuring that any and all maintenance concerns are able to be addressed. Even homes that were not damaged during a storm may benefit from a professional inspection. Homeowners who cannot recall when the last time their roof may have been examined by a professional would do well to contact a professional roofer, especially following a storm. Periodic inspection of the roof could turn up any number of issues that would have otherwise escaped notice.

4. Filing an Insurance Claim

Many homeowner’s policies cover the damages caused by a hailstorm. Being able to arrange for extensive repairs or even the complete replacement of an existing roof for less overall cost is not an opportunity that homeowners may want to pass up. Contacting a roofer in order to survey the extent of any damages following a storm can often be the first step towards filing an insurance claim.

Property maintenance is an important responsibility, one that homeowners should never take lightly. A trained eye is often required in order to identify any roofing materials that may have suffered damage during a recent storm. Scheduling an inspection ensures that any problems with the roof won’t go unnoticed.

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